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Version 0.0.1 Has Been “Released”

Link to page.

This is a super early build. Expect things to change between this version and any/all future versions. Even the character is going to change.

Originally, this was a two person project. We started the project in Godot, before quickly switching over to Unreal. That Unreal project has since gone on a hiatus. I don’t know if that project has any life in it, due to things that are out of my control. That’s how this project really started. All code from the original Godot version has been changed. This is my first real project in Godot. I’m still learning as I go, which is why code has changed. As I get a better understanding of the language and quirks of Godot, things change (hopefully for the better).

The character, while being a creation of mine, was made for the old 2-man project. This project will not include a pickaxe-wielding character.

More updates coming soon!