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News Between Versions 0.0.2 and 0.0.3

It’s been a little bit since I uploaded a new version of the alpha. This game began as a 2-person project. Very early on, my development partner seemed to lose interest in this game. I didn’t. I kept coding away, adding new features into the game, creating more assets.

All of the code was written by me, and all of the assets were either created by me or were CC0 licensed assets (for instance: the bushes and some textures).

I didn’t know how to move forward with the project because the plan for the game was laid out by the two of us. The story, character ideas, and so on, were a team effort. Only within the last few days, my game dev partner let me know that he was done with this project. I assumed this was the case, but never knew for certain. No hard feelings though!

Where to now?

I’ve had a story/theme idea for a while now. I’ve been developing these ideas into a book series for a couple years now, and I think it’ll work perfectly for what I’m wanting to accomplish with this game. So ever since I got the news that this’ll be a solo project, I’ve been creating new assets to use in this game.

I’m hoping to have the next version of the alpha up within the next couple of weeks.