Character - Mouse

I’ve been talking about a new character, and here he is! It’s a little mouse dude. He’s still a work in progress, but I’d like to move away from the axe-wielding character in version 0.0.5. I’m still making little tweaks to him and I should be able to move onto texturing and animation him soon!

Along with a new character, I’m also reworking how I’ll be actually designing the worlds in this game. Currently, I’ve been designing it all in engine (Godot). There’s a terrain editor for Godot, but I kind of don’t like the vibe that I’ve been getting out of what I’ve made using that editor. I think I’ve figured out why. Deforming terrain is fine, but it’s doesn’t really work with how worlds felt in old 3D Collectathons.

So I decided to go a little simpler and design terrain pieces to use. Obviously far from complete, but the above screenshot gives a better look at how the terrain pieces for the game’s worlds will be crafted.